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Gold is the world’s only ultimate asset

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THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW – April 2014: Stewart Thomson

“Gold is the world’s only ultimate asset”

stewart-thomsonStewart Thomson is the president of Graceland Investment Management Ltd. and owner of GU Trader, which is a gold futures/ETF trading service. High net worth individuals around the world follow his newsletter Graceland Updates on a daily basis, which features his technical analysis of gold and precious metals, energy and more. He developed the “PGEN”, which is a unique capital allocation program. It is designed to allow investors of any size to mimic the action of the banks. Thomson is a retired Merrill Lynch broker.

By Lars Schall

On behalf of Matterhorn Asset MGMT Lars Schall talked with Stewart Thomson of Graceland Updates. Thomson thinks gold will take on more of a role in the future as a base currency in commodity trading accounts. Moreover, he says the Western banking system won’t be very relevant to gold in the coming decades. Read the rest of this entry »

The IMF and Central Banks are losing control

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KWN weekly – April 11, 2014

Greyerz: “Eric, all of the problems in the world have been solved and the risk of another global downturn is zero. At least this is what the IMF has just pronounced. The IMF points to the strong recovery in the U.K. and the U.S. as evidence of this. Let’s first take a look at the U.K. The U.K. is a country running a major structural budget deficit Read the rest of this entry »

Trade of the decade

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Trade of the decade

DOW-Q-1975-2014 The US stockmarket continues its rise to dizzy heights. The rise has very little to do with economic fundamentals but is more a function of money printing and the weak dollar.

The US in now slowly entering its hyperinflationary phase. Food prices are already up 19% in the first three months of 2014. On an annualised basis that is 76% which is a clear sign that hyperinflation is already starting.

The dollar is likely to start a severe decline this year on its way to the intrinsic value of ZERO. As it falls the vicious spiral of a falling currency and massive money printing is likely to destroy the US economy in a hyperinflationary depression. This will not only happen in the US but also in Japan, the Eurozone and the UK. But the US will be the first country to experience the destruction of its currency.

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There will be massive wealth destruction

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KWN weekly with EvG – April 5, 2014

In his latest audio interview with KWN, Egon discusses how the unprecedented wealth that has been created in the last few decades will be totally destroyed. All assets that have been fuelled by the credit bubbles, stocks, bonds and property will all soon start a secular bear market that will last for a very long time. Read the rest of this entry »

People have no idea a terrifying global meltdown is coming

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KWN weekly with EvG – March 28, 2014

The risks in the banking sector are increasing fast as investors chase yields. High risk Covenant Light loans are now 70% greater than before the financial collapse in 2007. At the same time IMF and some individual countries like Germany and Japan are extending loans to the Ukraine of $27 billion. None of these countries can afford this aid package since they naturally don’t have the money but must print it.

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China and the HK property bubble

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KWN weekly – Friday March 21, 2014

luxury_hkLast Friday, Egon talked to Eric King about problems in China and the property bubble in Hong Kong. He also discusses major purchases of US treasury bonds by Belgium as well as the Ukraine crisis

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The Keiser report – Tapering won’t last

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RT, March 22, 2014 – ‘Tapering won’t last’ – Egon von Greyerz

In this 12 minute interview Max Keiser challenges Egon on wealth preservation, the Gold/Oil/Gas ‘East’ versus the ‘Paper’ West and more.