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Investors will try to catch a falling knife

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King World News weekly – July 3, 2014

Greyerz: “Eric, I am focused on the key indicators that will determine what will happen in the world in the next few years. What is frightening is that there are so many risk factors where each one can singularly change the fate of the world. I am looking at currencies, and particularly the U.S. dollar’s race to the bottom. I am also looking at major bubbles in stocks worldwide and the unsustainable debts that will never be repaid. And of course interest rates which will surge to levels that few people think are possible….. Read the rest of this entry »

A journey to the outer reaches of the monetary universe – Ronald Stoeferle

THE MATTERHORN INTERVIEW: Ronald Stöferle – June 2014


“Gold is the constant”

On the occasion of the publication of his 2014 and 8th annual “In Gold We Trust“ report, Austrian born market analyst Ronald Stöferle was interviewed by Lars Schall to discuss several aspects to this latest in depth report with many explanatory graphs. Matterhorn Asset Management is very pleased to share this short interview with its readers and to make available the English version of this extended 2014 report (courtesy of the authors / see link at bottom).

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Bonds will be good only for lighting fires

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King World News weekly – June 28, 2014

Greyerz: “I’ve just come back from the United States. What surprised me was how bullish some people are about the U.S. economy and the equity markets. The mainstream media continues to fuel this totally misplaced optimism. I was watching one mainstream media news channel when the revised GDP figures came out at minus 2.9 percent for Q1. The reporter stated that in a survey of 25 economists, every one said the drop was due to climate and therefore was an aberration….. Read the rest of this entry »

Investors facing unprecedented geopolitcal and financial market risk – Greyerz

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KWN weekly – June 14, 2014

Egon von Greyerz: “I see an acceleration in the destruction of currencies and in particular the U.S. dollar. And that could start very soon. Of course we will have runs on the euro and on the yen as well since their economies are in a total mess, but the dollar will be the first to fall. There are currently so many factors that will cause the dollar’s fall: First of all, FATCA, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, and other U.S. regulations means that every single transaction in dollars will be controlled by the U.S. authorities, even if the transaction itself has nothing to do with the United States. The $10 billion fine that BNP has been ordered to pay is an example of this. Read the rest of this entry »

We need a financial crash – Ned Naylor-Leyland

“The Matterhorn Interview – June 2014: Ned Naylor-Leyland”


“We need a financial crash”

Podcast interview:
On behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management / GoldSwitzerland, Lars Schall talked with Ned Naylor-Leyland, the Investment Director of Quilter Cheviot Investment Management in London, about the importance of being patient when holding precious metals, the phenomenon of backwardation in the gold market, the current investigations into the gold and silver fix in London, his view related to the movement of physical gold from West to East, and why there is good reason to be optimistic about selected mining stock companies both in gold and silver.
Naylor-Leyland says the end game will most likely include a monetary system reset. Read the rest of this entry »

Risk today is multiples of 1999 and 2007-8 combined

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King World News weekly – June 6, 2014

The risks to the world economy are now multiples of the risks that we saw 1999 and 2007-8. Stocks are driven to dizzying new heights due to money printing and tens of trillions of money has been created by Central Banks but to no avail for the real economy. So governments worldwide have created a massive bubble and have no weapons in their armoury to solve the inevitable fall of the world economy. In 1999 US short term interest rates were 6% and in 2007 they were 5%. Today they are virtually zero and the ECB now has a negative deposit rate. This century, global debt has increased by over $200 trillion from $60T to $260T! And in spite of this massive $200T injection which is three times current world GDP, the world economy is more fragile than ever. But we know of course that printed money does not create wealth. Read the rest of this entry »

Human behavior and the world economy

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King World News weekly – May 30, 2014

Greyerz: “Eric, we are in a very dangerous period for the world economy. There is a high level of complacency among most investors. For people working in the financial world and for the wealthy, it’s like being in Shangri-La.  Virtually all asset markets are going up and many stock markets in the West are at all-time highs.

I recently went to John Mauldin’s Strategic Investment Conference in San Diego, which was excellent. But it surprised me to see how many of those top economists and fund managers were totally bullish on the global economy based on their view of growth in the United States.

I also went to a conference for ultra-high net worth individuals in Singapore, and I noticed very little fear or concern about the risks in the world today….

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