The only reason why there has been an air of optimism in the world economy in the last couple of months is that the bearers of these false rumours of recovery all have a vested interest. They are either government officials who consistently mislead the people, bankers who are the principal beneficiaries of the dollar trillions printed  or they are … Read the rest

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Golden Shoots

No green shoots

There are no green shoots. Every single piece of economic and market news we observe confirms our view that the current optimism in the world economy is purely based on sentiment and not on facts.

The current corrective rallies in world stockmarkets were forecast by us in our January Newsletter. Corrective rallies create false optimism and hope. … Read the rest

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Take the following ingredients:

  1. A banking system which is on the verge of collapse
  2. Add a few $ trillion of government liquidity and guarantees
  3. Inject $ 100’s of billions in loans and capital
  4. Keep all the bank management that have caused the crisis
  5. Pay them astronomical bonuses because otherwise they might be snapped up by a bankrupt competitor
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