9 Trillion dollars have been printed Since 2008.

KWN interview 6 December 2013 – Egon von Greyerz

“Since 2008, the main central banks of the world have printed $9 trillion. On top of that, the US federal debt has increased by almost $8 trillion during that same time period. If we had a temporary crisis in 2008, then money printing should have stopped. But is hasn’t.

And the printing is continuing at the same rate since 2010. Since 2010, the biggest central banks have printed $5 trillion, and US debt has increased by another $5 trillion. So, Eric, anyone who believes that printing can end, or that tapering can start, doesn’t know what’s happening in the world.

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KWN Audio interview 1 December 2013

In the strong audio interview with Eric King on December 1, Egon drives hard on the China bubble and puts a few financial statistics into perspective as he explains why China’s massive credit explosion will not make a resolution of the paper currency meltdown any easier. To listen to this interview please Click Here

KWN interviews Nov 2, Nov 8 , Nov 15 and Nov 22

The KWN interviews of Nov 2 (Do Central Banks have any gold left?), Nov 8 (Next wave of self destruction), Nov 15 (Central Banks pushing on a string) and Nov 22 (major problems in the Eurozone) can be read by following the date’s backlinks to the KingWorldNews.com website.

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