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MAM founder, Egon von Greyerz, sits down with Silver Bullion TV to discuss a wide range of current topics, from the global response to the COVID pandemic and the paradox of balancing human safety against severe financial risks to deteriorating macro conditions. Toward this end, the conversation turns to fault-lines in the banking system, interest rate repression and historical lessons, as well as tailwinds, pointing toward rising precious metal markets.

Egon reminds that massive financial risks post-COVID were already rising to the surface pre-COVID, and that solving a COVID-accelerated debt and currency crisis with more debt and fiat money creation is open insanity. From central banks to commercial banks, the situation is now undeniably distorted. Bank transactions (playing with derivative explosives) with wayward hedge funds, including Archegos Capital, is merely the latest warning sign of such banking mismanagement and increased risk ahead.