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Matthew Piepenburg

Matt began his finance career as a transactional attorney before launching his first hedge fund during the NASDAQ bubble of 1999-2001

Thereafter, he began investing his own and other HNW family funds into alternative investment vehicles while operating as a General Counsel, CIO and later Managing Director of a single and multi-family office. Matthew worked closely as well with Morgan Stanley’s hedge fund platform in building a multi-strat/multi-manager fund to better manage risk in a market backdrop of extreme central bank intervention/support. The conviction that precious metals provides the most reliable and longer-term protection against potential systemic risk led Matt to join MAM.

The author of the Amazon No#1 Release, Rigged to Fail, Matt is fluent in French, German and English; he is a graduate of Brown (BA), Harvard (MA) and the University of Michigan (JD). His widely respected reports on macro conditions and the changing behaviour of risk assets are published regularly at

The 2022 Market Disaster—More Pain to Come

If you think the current market disaster hurts; it’s gonna get worse despite recent dead cat bounces in U.S. equities.…

Macro risks

Fatal Macro Warnings: We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

As one who loves metaphor, I can’t help but notice the recent and varying range of metaphorical macro warnings. JP…

can't stop the hangover

Gold: Patiently Waiting for the Hangover in Global Markets

Watch this video on YouTube In this engaging interview with ParadePlatz’s Lukas Heassig, Matterhorn Asset Management principal, Matthew Piepenburg, sits…


The Handbook for Debt-Soaked Nations: Lie, Print, Inflate & Finger-Point

Below we consider the classic (and oh-so predictable) tactics of debt-soaked nations facing a showdown (corner) between tanking markets and…

Death of Capitalism

Politicized Money and the Death of Capitalism

As far as we are concerned, it is no great secret nor any great surprise that our faith in fiat…

end game

Dark Forces, Plain Speak, Brighter Gold & The Fed’s Sick End Game

Below, we look at debt forces alongside supply and demand forces to help investors see (and prepare for) the darker…

Gold vs. An Openly Failing/Changing World

As central bankers play checkers on a global debt chessboard, we see below how policy hypocrisy, worsening monetary options, failed…

declining western hegemony

Sanctions Spur a Massive Decline in Western Hegemony as the World De-Dollarizes

Watch this video on YouTube Matterhorn Asset Management principal, Matthew Piepenburg, sits down with Tom Bodrovics of Palisades Gold Radio…

World Reserve Currency

How the West Was Lost: A Faltering World Reserve Currency

The Western financial system and world reserve currency is now in open decline. Just two years ago, I wrote a…

Gold will rise

Why Gold Will Rise — The Financial System Has Changed

Despite massive price volatility of late, gold will rise. Not long ago, I wrote a piece on why gold was…

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