Breaking: European Central Banks repatriate gold from USA

What is this secret repatriation of Gold about?

We have heard from one very reliable source that repatriation of gold is secretly taking place at this moment from the USA to Europe. This is October 2014!

The information contains details about transported quantities by one of the global security firms being much higher than usual, as well as country of destination.

This leads us to believe that some central banks in Europe may be feeling tension and their boards see that the ‘whatever it takes’ QE, LTRO or OMT policy, or whatever they call this monetary financing, can and probably will have serious repercussions.

The Swiss National Bank (SNB) started selling gold in 2000 near the lows of the market. At that same time, many years ago, the movement to stop this selling started in Switzerland which, on November 30, will lead to a definitive choice by Swiss voters whether to a) Stop selling gold, b) repatriate all foreign held gold, and c) maintain 20% gold backing of SNB assets, or alternatively risk being dictated to by the European Union and the ECB. Click here for more information
Of course the German request for repatriation from the USA was a total failure. Germany requested to get 680 tons of gold back from the FED, but received only 5 and were told that they will get the rest back in 2020. There can be only one reason for this delay, their gold is not there anymore.
Since this fiasco and with the change of the Merkel coalition this summer the new party line is: “The Americans are taking good care of our gold,” “Objectively, there’s absolutely no reason for mistrust.” And, “There’s no evidence that German gold at the New York Fed has been tampered with”. Well, “of course not, because there hasn’t been an audit for 60 years of who owns what or how many bars are still in US vaults!”

Repatriation of larger than regular quantities of Precious Metals, especially gold, requires a long enough chain of secure physical transport logistics, whereby a number of people must be aware of start and finish locations. Confidentiality appears to have been unwillingly violated in this reported case and shows again that people make mistakes. As we have absolutely no reason to doubt this source, asking questions to relevant parties shall only be countered with strong denial.
The mere fact that this repatriation of gold appears to be happening in secret confirms what wealth preservation investors have always known, namely that Gold should be held under direct control of the owner. That is the only proof that the gold actually exists.

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