Buy SILVER – Minimum investment 10,000 oz

Execution and reporting in:
USDollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, Pounds, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars.
Transaction size is subject to physical silver availability.
Investors benefit from GoldSwitzerland’s competitive wholesale interbank buying prices for physical Silver based on a minimum quantity of approximately 7,000 troy oz.

SILVER – procedure to buy Physical Silver

The process of buying Silver through GoldSwitzerland is simple but there are a few formalities which need to be completed in order to comply with Swiss law and Money Laundering regulations.

  • Apply for an account (accounts can be open within 2 business days)
  • Bank Transfer of investment funds and purchase instruction via secure member platform
  • We buy your Silver at interbank market prices immediately upon receipt of funds
  • We confirm transactions via secure member platform and administer your Silver & Silver account in your preferred currency; US Dollars, Swiss Francs, Euros, Sterling, Canadian Dollars and Australian Dollars
  • Your Silver bars are immediately transferred to your own account at the duty free bonded warehouse (only non-Swiss clients) vault in Zurich
  • Terms: Allocated and Segregated. You receive the original Certificate of Ownership (Warehouse Receipt) for your Silver bars.
MAM also ships Silver (bars and coins) that you already own from anywhere in the world for safe storage in Zurich.

Selling Silver – Transfer

  • Sell – We will sell your Silver holdings for you as soon as we receive your instructions. The client must always authorize the vault to release the Silver.
    Pricing & Conditions for selling Silver: Click Here
  • Transfer – We will organise security transport of Silver & Gold bars and coins you already own from anywhere in the world; from a bank, from a bullion vault, from Comex or from the Perth Mint.
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