Raubgold – Markus Schär – Weltwoche

Weltwoche: Raubgold

Weltwoche, 16.10.

Wie die Schweizer ihren Goldschatz an die Amerikaner verloren. Und wie die Verantwortlichen dabei die Bundesverfassung umbogen und das Völkerrecht verletzten. Bleibt die Frage: Warum?
Von Markus Schär

«Eine geradezu hysterische Feindschaft gegen den Goldstandard verbindet Staatsinterventionisten aller Art. Sie spüren offenbar klarer und sensibler als viele Befürworter der freien Marktwirtschaft, dass Gold und wirtschaftliche Freiheit

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Gold Manipulators are Desperate

Gold Manipulators are Desparate

From Egon von Greyerz(in reference to Paul Craig Roberts’s latest blog)

With virtually empty gold vaults, the central banks and bullion banks are now becoming desperate.

The action we are seeing in the paper gold market with the recent $50 takedown is yet more proof of the corner that the gold manipulators have put themselves into … Read the rest

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Switzerland: the world’s gold hub

by Daniele Mariani, swissinfo.ch

Most of the gold produced in the world transits physically through Switzerland, and in particular Ticino. Four of the world’s major refineries of gold are located on Swiss soil.

It is difficult to visualise the enormous quantity of gold that arrives in Switzerland every year. In 2011, over 2,600 metric tons of raw gold were imported … Read the rest

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Alf Field confirms next gold target as $4,500

Alf Field, the most eminent gold forecaster, has issued a new article in which he confirms that gold has now finished its correction and that the next move will be a “violent upside action ……. targeted to reach $4,500.

Egon von Greyerz



By Alf Field

There are no certainties in the investment … Read the rest

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