The global stock markets are crashing, but there is still a lot of room to move down. Corona is being used as an excuse to push through many measures, the result of which will be the destruction of paper money. The seemingly exaggerated measures have a nasty aftertaste, as if the collapse is to be brought about now. Time is running out to buy precious metals and important goods as supply chains are breaking worldwide.

  • 00:55 Dow Jones crash within days
  • 01:30 Almost 5,000 points loss
  • 02:00 There’s a lot of air downstairs
  • 03:30 The next downward movement will be even more brutal
  • 04:10 FED – 1% up to zero interest
  • 05:00 Corona is only the trigger
  • 06:10 Stock inflation no longer works
  • 07:30 Money printing fails now
  • 08:00 Currency destruction lies ahead
  • 08:40 Corona has a bad taste
  • 09:00 The “comfortable” Black Swan as scapegoat
  • 09:45 Stock High in January? Exactly on target
  • 11:00 Italy poses a great danger, other countries will follow
  • 12:10 Bank share recovery evaporates completely and returns to the lows
  • 12:45 How could hyperinflation start?
  • 13:25 Significant food price increases threaten
  • 13:40 Real estate, stocks etc. will collapse
  • 14:20 The bond bubble bursts next, then a sharp rise in interest rates
  • 15:35 Keep little money in bank accounts
  • 16:45 Corona is abused by the rulers
  • 17:00 This situation is much worse than in 2001 and 2008
  • 17:30 Buy now the things that matter
  • 18:00 Shortage of goods due to production cutbacks will come
  • 19:35 Know ye the signs of the times
  • 20:35 And every man should keep himself and his family safe

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