Egon von Greyerz on Inside Paradeplatz (Switzerland’s Zerohedge)

In this lively 23 minute interview, Lukas Hässig of Inside Paradeplatz and Egon cover a wide range of subjects such as global risk, the Fed and their masters (the Investment banks), the SNB (Swiss National Bank) which is the world’s largest hedge fund, prosperity based on free money as well as poverty and hunger.



Selected highlightsMinutes
Part 1: Poverty and hunger2.05
Part 2: Prosperity due to free money1.18
Part 3: Swiss National Bank (SNB) as a big risk0.44
Part 4: Federal Reserve (FED) serving Wallstreet1.06
Part 5: Risks are my life0.31
Full Interview – The world on the edge21.18

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