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This morning Jim Sinclair published the following, which you may have already seen and which I would like to share with our subscribers because of the vital importance of Getting Out of The System – GOTS

Egon von Greyerz

Sept 4, 2013

My Dear Extended Family,

Tomorrow I meet with investors making an effort to protect themselves from the inevitable that this video, the first of its kind, outlines very well.

Seeing this video is a must for those that recognize that I know beforehand the major events that will shape our lives going into 2020. This is the first imperative that I have sent you that is a must see. The solution offered here is different from the GOTS strategy I discuss at our meeting, and is not the solution for the individual at any level of wealth. What is perfectly outlined is the problem at hand which must be understood and for which you must prepare.

Please do not be complacent on this, the most important of all events which is going to happen in the “Great Leveling” well before the “2018 – 2020 Great Reset.” Please watch this video carefully. It is accurate with one exception. That exception is the size of the notional value of OTC derivatives outstanding. The size quoted therein is but 1/2 of the real size. Remember gold is for savings and fiat currency is for transactions. This knowledge plus GOTS will save you. I am a man on a mission, and that mission is to protect you.

I will be planning trips to DC, Miami and Orlando soon.


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