Given the immense trust our clients have placed in selecting us, we strive for discreet and seamless service, form planning, pick-up, and secure transport of gold and silver all the way to the final destination. the security of our silver and gold transport systems matches the security of our vaults.

Full-Coverage Transport Service

MAM arranges every logistical aspect of the secure and fully-insured transportation of client gold, silver, and precious metals from-and-to each of our vault locations in Switzerland and Singapore for clients located anywhere in the world.

With clients in over 75 countries, we have been transporting their holdings from many countries by plane, armoured-truck and sea freight and have acquired vast expertise in all logistical matters linked to the secure transport of physical gold, silver and platinum.

The Most Reputed Carriers

Our established global network includes the world’s largest and most reputable and secure logistics firms like Loomis and Brinks. For security reasons, precious metals can be picked up or delivered only to a business address.

Loomis and Brinks are two reputable brands used by Gold Switzerland to transport gold and silver.

Cross-Border Cost Protocols

Our logistics team will be managing every formality regarding the cross-border transportation protocols and taking care of the customs clearances processes to ensure that the client’s precious metals will reach their destination quickly, safely and in perfect condition.