Gold Repatriation – USA has no more gold

KWN weekly – Nov 21, 2014

Greyerz: “Until recently the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) had only 11% of its gold in Holland. But today we have learnt that they have brought 122 tons back from the US which means that they now have only 69% abroad and most of it in the US.

Our sources told us already in October that this was happening in Holland and we did send out a note to subscribers on Oct 23, without mentioning the country.

So why has Holland left 69% of its gold abroad? They should be concerned after Germany were told by the Fed that they could only have a few tons back of the 680 tons they wanted. Germany was told by the Fed that they could have the rest back in 2020. This the clearest evidence ever that the Fed does not have the German gold….

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