Buy GOLD - Minimum investment approx 200 oz gold
or equivalent in silver or combination gold/silver

Investors directly benefit from Matterhorn's competitive wholesale Interbank buying prices for physical Gold based on a minimum trading quantity of approximately 30 troy oz for a single transaction.

100 gr (cast) 999.9 Gold = 3.215 oz Purity 99.99%
Dimensions: 47mm x 24mm x 5mm

100 gr (mint) 999.9 Gold = 3.215 oz Purity 99.99%
Dimensions: 45mm x 28mm x 4.5mm

1 kilo 999.9 Gold = 32.148 oz Purity 99.99%
Dimensions: 80mm x 40mm x 18mm

400oz(12.5kg) LGD Purity 99.5-99.9
Dimensions: 200 x 80mm x 45mm

For clients also interested in acquiring commonly traded gold coins please click here


Buy SILVER – Minimum investment 12,000 oz
or ‘equivalent in gold/combination with gold’

Transaction size is subject to physical silver availability. Investors benefit from GoldSwitzerland’s competitive wholesale interbank buying prices for physical Silver based on a minimum quantity of approximately 6,000 troy oz.

For all Silver investments MAM recommends the purchase of 1,000oz London Good Delivery Silver Bullion bars (approximately 30 kilogram).

Silver Bars

Stack of 1000oz (approx. 30kg) numbered London Good Delivery Silver bars

1 kilo silver bar by Umicore


15 kilo Silver bar by Umicore

Umicore Silberbarren 15kg

Silver Coins

Matterhorn / GoldSwitzerland does not normally trade silver coins for clients as the process for secure storage is very tedious, however clients seeking a minimum of USD50,000 in Silver coins in addition to their regular stock can be serviced at the best available and current interdealer market terms.

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Services overview

  • All stored metals are allocated and physically segregated in name of client
  • Clients have total control over and private access to their stored metals
  • Shipping and Storage of all precious metals already owned by the client
  • Minimum account opening value is 200oz of gold or the equivalent value in other metals.
    The minimum per vault location is 100 troy oz
  • Gold can be purchased in 100gram(3.215oz), 1 kilo(32.148oz) and 400oz (variable weight) bars
  • Silver and other precious metals can only be traded and stored in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Executions and reporting in CHF, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD
  • The fees are payable in advance. The first period is 6 months, thereafter the fee is payable every three months in advance

Fees include:

  • High security storage cost of the precious metals
  • Insurance of the precious metals at market value
  • All administrative matters in connection with the buying and storage of the precious metals
  • Membership of MAM's 100% secure communication platform
  • Early warning alerts and reports on the world economy and precious metals
  • Secure on-line (24/7) reporting and monthly valuations of investor’s holdings
  • Private consultation relating to your investment

Vault handling charges

An additional small charge is applied every time the vault position changes. This includes customs clearance, handling, moving into or out of the bonded/domestic warehouse and issuing a new Certificate of Ownership or Warehouse Receipt:

Initial transaction value Gold Silver
under CHF 650,000 CHF 400 CHF 700
CHF 650,000 and over CHF 600 CHF 1,000
Subsequent vault movements CHF 300-500 CHF 300-600

VAT (Value Added Tax)

There is No VAT payable on physical Gold.
There is No VAT payable on physical Silver as long as it is stored in the duty free zone at Zurich airport. Only when investors import the silver from the vaults into a European country, VAT is payable at the VAT rate of that country.
Swiss residents pay VAT at the local rate and only on service fees.


Gold Bars:
Client purchase price is Spot price plus 0.65% for 100gram and 1 kilo bars.
Spot price + 0.3% for 400 oz bars.
Client Sale price margin is Spot minus 0.5% and 0.2% resp.

Silver Bars:
Client purchase price will vary from spot plus 2.5% for 1000 oz bars to spot plus 4% for 1 kilo bars. Large quantities can attract better terms.
If client sells, the price margin is 1.5-2.2% or at best.

Our trading premiums represent the difference between the actual paper loco London price and the cost price of physical metal delivery (bonded warehouse handling, refinery, transport, insurance).

Demand for Silver coins, hence demand for physical silver in general can at times cause backorders with refineries. As a result, bonded (duty free) warehouse silver, including 1000 oz bars, may be more difficult to obtain resulting in higher market premiums. The Buy and Sell margins for silver bars may differ from time to time from those shown on this page.


Matterhorn Asset Management charges an annual service fee for the unencumbered and insured storage of your assets in Switzerland's best protected private precious metals vaults. This fee can be paid quarterly based on the value of your assets at the end of each fee period or you can fix the fee for a longer period and without the need to transfer funds every quarter.
For Gold, our fees start at 1.25% per annum for the minimum account value and scaled down for larger account values.

The annual service fee for Silver is the Gold fee plus 0.25%.

Please contact us for more information.


Overview from Account Application to Purchase or Transfer of PM

The process for buying/transferring/storing Precious Metals through GoldSwitzerland is simple but there are a few formalities which need to be completed in order to comply with Swiss law and Anti Money Laundering regulations. This may require a statement of proof that the value allocated for storage and purchase of precious metals are declared for tax purposes if so required by law in your country of citizenship and/or residency.

About the administrative process...
  • Apply for an account (provide personal information and documents securely. this process can be finished in a matter of days.)
  • Transfer investment funds and provide purchase instructions via secure member platform
  • We buy your Gold (highest grade bars only) at interbank market prices immediately upon receipt of funds or for wholesale amounts upon special instruction.
  • You can choose to receive confirmations and reporting in one of the following preferred currencies:
    USDollar, Swiss Franc, Euro, Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar, Swedish Kroner, Norwegian Kroner and Danish Kroner
  • MAM can accept and transfer currency payments in US dollars, Swiss Francs, Euro, Sterling, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars. Incoming current account payments that originate from another currency are best transferred in US dollars
  • Your Gold bars are immediately transferred to your own account at the Bullion vault in Zurich
  • You receive the original Certificate of Ownership (Warehouse Receipt) for your Gold bars.
  • You may view your transactions and stock valuation 24/7 via your private section of our database using secure login.
  • All business communication, if possible for the client, will take place on our secure collaboration platform.

Selling Precious Metals - Transfer

  • Sell - We will sell (part of) your stock for you as soon as the vault receives your release instruction. A release instruction is easy and can be given online via our secure portal release form.
  • Transfer - MAM can organise secure transport of any type of Precious Metals you already own from anywhere in the world; from a bank, from a bullion vault, from Comex or from the Perth Mint.

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