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GoldSwitzerland News – Nov. 2012

Egon von Greyerz was recently in Sydney where he was a keynote speaker at the Gold Symposium. The title of the speech was “A Delusional Century”. Egon discussed why the last 100 years will be looked upon as an exception in history and the end of a major delusional era.
This excellent conference was attended by 600 enthusiastic precious metals investors.

During the visit Egon was interviewed by Financial News Network about the background to Matterhorn A M’s/GoldSwitzerland’s mission to assist investors in preserving wealth. Click here to view.

Whilst in Sydney Egon met up with Jim Rickards. Jim recently published the excellent book “Currency Wars, The Making of the Next Global Crisis”. Jim and Egon are in total agreement about the fate of the dollar and gold. As Jim puts it in his book: “The path of the dollar is unsustainable and therefore the dollar will not be sustained. In time the dollar will join a crowd of multiple reserve currencies, be subordinated to SDRs, be rejuvenated by gold or descend into chaos with both redemptive and terminal possibilities………… This leaves CHAOS (our capitals) as a strong possibility. Within chaos, however, there is a second chance to go for gold, albeit in a sudden, unstudied way. Finally, there is just chaos, followed by something worse”.

Edelmetalmesse Munich, Nov 2/3 2012

Nov 2 and 3 there was the Precious Metals Show (Edelmetallmesse) in Munich. This is the biggest precious metals exhibition in Europe with around 7,000 attendees. Egon gave a presentation called “Return to the Dark Ages” – “Gold and the coming Hyperinflationary Depression”. This presentation covered how government deficits and a bankrupt financial system will lead to unlimited money printing and to the collapse of currencies resulting in hyperinflation.

In Munich Egon met up with Gerald Celente who gave a very interesting and popular presentation, as usual. Gerald has an uncanny ability to forecast the future. He is also very pessimistic about the prospects for the USA and the dollar. Naturally, he considers holding physical gold being an essential wealth preservation investment.

Metalwoche Interview 31 Oct,2012

Egon von Greyerz MetalWoche Interview 31 Oct 2012

Egon continues to give a weekly interview on King World News. This can be accessed on or directly on King World News.

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