Gold coins are the ultimate form of real money

Secure collaboration

Matterhorn clients shall have a secure profile on a 100% private communication platform. The login via preferred browser allows complete private messaging, chat and exchange of documentation between the client and MAM.

Our web forms are secure. The private platform can be set up early in communication. MAM also exchanges peer to peer encrypted email in order to preserve maximum privacy.

The Corporate Investor & Gold

In today’s very fragile and indebted market, post Lehman, and in the midst of increasing economic risk and funding limitations, the company CFO and Treasurer should assess the potential downside to both sides of the balance sheet in order to protect the company’s assets and its shareholders. The case for Gold to protect a company’s cash is likely to both preserve and enhance the company’s assets especially at a time when money becomes more of a liability and a risk rather than an asset.

  • Physical Gold is safer than cash if stored securely outside the banking system.
  • Gold will always be accepted as collateral or can act as the ultimate barter instrument.
  • A Gold asset will reduce risk exposure to all other business assets.
  • Gold represents instant liquidity and is marketable at all times.

Counterparty risk

Evaluating counterparty risk should take a much higher priority in a fragile financial system. Is the bank or custodian where assets are kept safe? Will bond issuers (whether government or private) repay their debts with stable or debased money? What is the risk of default of bond issuers?

>To protect counterparty risk is vital in a world where most governments are virtually bankrupt and can only survive with money printing and where the banking system only survives by valuing toxic assets at maturity value rather than market value.

Hedging Corporate Risk

An investment in physical Gold as a protection against currency debasement, especially for cash rich companies, is a responsible strategy against a fragile financial system.

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