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At all times it is critical to protect a pension plan against inflation. For decades this was possible through investments in stocks, fixed income securities and property. However in the last 12 years most pension plans have lost value (inflation adjusted) due to widespread intervention in investment markets, lower yields as well as more difficult market timing. With the acceleration of money printing in combination with extremely low fixed income yields the pressure on pension plan returns is likely to get worse in years to come. Physical gold stored outside the banking system is an excellent way to insure a pension fund both against inflation as well as against counterparty risk. The risk parameters are very much the same as those used by professional Family offices and which always point to a balanced asset allocation which includes a minimum percentage of gold in order to maximize long term performance.

USA – Traditional or Roth IRA

Matterhorn Asset Management services Personal Retirement Plans in several countries. In the USA, the most popular and easiest to manage is a self directed IRA with custodian approval to invest in physical gold in a foreign country. Existing retirement plans that are subject to limitation can be re-allocated to an approved Self Directed Plan. There are a number of specialised US companies offering such service and Matterhorn Asset Management can provide several names for potential clients to seek further advice on how to invest in gold.

Goldswitzerland operates IRA plans for US customers who wish to convert their 401K into an IRA. The account application procedure is similar to that of Private Trust. Ask your tax counsel for advice on operating a 401K IRA or (partial) conversion to a foreign held Gold account using an approved self-directed plan.

IRA LLC or Solo 401K

The IRA LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Solo 401k is sometimes the best way to invest in physical gold. Pairing your IRA with an LLC is entirely possible. US investors should get US professional advice prior to an enrollment.


A self invested personal pension is an excellent vehicle for investing in physical gold and preserving wealth as well as the purchasing power of your pension fund.

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The application is similar to that of a standard private investor with the additional SAA (Standardized Adoption Agreement) and a letter confirming the establishment of the individual 401 plan with the IRS and mentioning the Personal Identification Number.

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