Matthew Piepenburg

Date: October 1st, 2022
Time: 13:15    
Location: Frankfurt, Germany

This October 1st at the World of Value Investment Conference in Frankfurt, Germany, Matthew Piepenburg of Matterhorn Asset Management (Zurich) offers a uniquely American perspective on a global financial crisis driven by the greatest debt iceberg ever recorded in the history of capital markets. Matthew opens with an examination of the current macro-economic setting, one defined by record-high levels of price inflation, asset inflation, unpayable debt levels, geopolitical risk, wealth inequality and social unrest. He focuses primarily on the desperate policies of the US Fed to explain how we got to this critical moment in history. He argues that there’s no good scenarios or solutions left to save the current centralized, artificial and grossly distorted financial system. Current myths, false blame, failed sanctions and false data can only buy time, but the end result is a global currency crisis led by the US Dollar which is mathematically unavoidable. Matthew then looks toward the past lessons of economic and currency disasters which reveal a fairly clear future of increased governmental controls, false narratives and increasingly debased currencies. These past, present and future conditions equally point toward the ultimate (and historically-confirmed) role of physical gold as an anti-dote to a global debt disease whose origins are directly tied to central banks like the Fed rather than viruses and other media-invented “bad guys.”

***The speech will be given in the German language***

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