Money stock imploding in the U.S. and most countries

KWN weekly – September 25, 2014

“Greyerz: “Eric, this year we have been talking about the autumn being a critical time in terms of being an inflection point for the world economy and global markets. In every single area of the world there are problems. Japan alone has enough debt and deficits that that when it implodes it should create a worldwide depression. And China, the former growth engine of the world, is struggling. It’s important to look at the consumption of commodities in China. Right now they are declining rapidly. Then we have the shadow banking system in China which is in a massive bubble. In Europe, only one major economy, which is Germany, has kept the eurozone alive. But German growth has now come to a halt…

In this Interview:

  • Commodity consumption China
  • Southern Europe and France
  • Stock markets and Gold

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The Swiss Gold Initiative (SGI):

We recently started to create some market awareness about the Swiss referendum taking place on November 30, 2014. This is a potentially high impact event. Also read the KWN interview of Sept 18.

The people of Switzerland will be voting on the following proposal:
1. No further Gold sales by the SNB!
2. All Swiss Gold stored in Switzerland!
3. Physical Gold share minimum 20% of National Reserves!

If the vote is ‘Yes’, this will be come law and Switzerland needs to comply within about 2 years.
Anyone in the wealth preservation space should follow this event closely and in the coming weeks we will regularly publish more interesting data about the Swiss Gold Initiative and the Referendum on 30 Nov.

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