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Nothing is Real in markets anymore

Nothing is Real in markets anymore KWN interview Febr. 12, 2013


In my interview with Eric King of King World News on February 12, I discussed that we live in an unreal world. Whether we look at stocks, bonds or property these markets are not real. And nor are most official figures.
US GDP for example has nothing to do with the real situation. Unreal things can last longer than we expect but what is absolutely certain is that they will come to a very abrupt and unpleasant end at some point. And the likelihood is that we will see the beginning of that end in 2013.

This is a brief but very important interview that should be used as a background to the relevance of wealth preservation and physical precious metals. I have always stressed in my articles and interviews that long term fundamentals are the most critical factors to focus on for investors rather than short term price movements.
In my next interview with KWN I intend to cover some extremely interesting short to medium term technical factors that could be very significant for gold and silver in the next few months.

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Egon von Greyerz