Piepenburg & Macleod: Death of the US Dollar and the Rise of Gold

This fireside chat, entitled “Death of an Empire – Scary Insights,” discusses the changing dynamics of the global financial system, with Asia becoming increasingly independent from the West. There is too much debt in the world, particularly in the US, and central bank policy has become addicted to postponing the hangover through more debt. The US dollar is the world’s reserve currency, but recent policy decisions and the weaponization of the dollar have caused other countries to consider breaking ranks and moving away from the dollar as a reliable trade currency and payment system. Additionally, Matt and Alasdair proposed gold as a solution, as it has historically remained constant in value, unlike paper currencies. The establishment has a vested interest in not understanding this perspective, and it will not happen without accidents.

0:00 Introductions

5:08 Dedollarization

6:12 Too much global debt and the U.S particularly

9:46 Is the weaker dollar a better dollar?

13:40 Rising rates

14:16 Massive moves of central banks QE’ing each other

17:50 Inflation concerns

19:20 The FED problem and double edged sword

24:30 Selling currency instead of your assets

Video by Soar Financially @JrMiningGuy

Website: http://www.soarfinancial.com/

Intro Music: “Summer” by Bensound.com

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