High-Security Storage in Three Major Locations

Storage is always allocated and segregated in the name of the client
Clients retain full control over their holdings with private access

Your choice of vault

You can choose carefree as all of our specially selected facilities meet the highest security and insurance standards:

Zurich Airport

The high-security facility is located in the free-trade zone below Zurich Airport. This location is also available for storing other precious metals than gold.

Investors benefit from easy access when visiting.

Switzerland is a stable and independent country. Founded over 700 years ago, it is the oldest direct democracy in the world. The country has a long tradition of saving in gold and an excellent infrastructure. There are four major Swiss gold refineries that produce nearly 70% of all the world's gold bars.

Swiss Deep Mountain Vault (*)

Gold storage only. The maximum-security mountain location is currently operational for sovereign wealth funds, central banks, investment funds and ultra high net worth individuals with an investment value of minimum $5M.

This facility is the biggest private vault in Europe and has additional special security features to protect against nuclear and gas attacks as well as earthquakes.

Clients can access by helicopter or private plane

24-7 emergency access.

Singapore Freeport

Gold storage only. The Swiss-owned freeport storage location in Singapore has a direct secure entry to and from the airport customs area.

It is served with the latest multi-level security technology including the most advanced airport-type scan and bodycheck systems.

The Singapore storage facility offers an easy solution for diversification of precious metals storage to this region.

Singapore is now one of the worlds foremost hubs and a major financial centre. This former British colony has developed into a model for free enterprise with a minimum of government regulation and interference. Traditionally, the Singapore dollar is pegged to the US Dollar.

(*) Military-Grade Security, Institutional size only

How to choose a vault?

Your diversification preference for gold storage determines your choice of vault(s).

All the above private vaults have been selected to meet our minimum wealth preservation criteria:

  • High-security facilities
  • Outside the banking system
  • Direct control for clients
  • Politically safe and economically sound countries

Personalised service

You benefit from a service tailored to your personal needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

The vaults can be visited, normally during business hours, for a personal inspection or audit.

Other precious metals

Only the Zurich location is available to also store Silver, Platinum an Palladium VAT free in bonded warehouse.