The Private investor and Gold

There are today several important reasons why it is critical to put a considerable part of your savings into gold as explained on the Why Gold page. The value of paper money is likely to decline rapidly against gold due to governments’ deficit spending and the necessity to print worthless paper money to finance the deficits. In order for individuals to preserve their purchasing power, it is essential to keep an important part of their savings in an an asset that doesn’t lose its value in real terms.
Gold has been such an asset throughout history. During periods when the financial system is unstable, wealth preservation becomes very important. Owning gold stored outside the banking system with personal access for the investor is the ultimate way of protecting wealth. This is especially the case in times when the return of investors’ money is at risk due to the fragility of the banking system (Iceland/Cyprus). During such times investors should put sufficient funds into gold so that they are protected against banking failures or the fall in the value of paper money as in the Weimar Republic or more recently in Zimbabwe. The percentage to be held in gold depends on the circumstances of the investor but 15-25% should be considered as a minimum.

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Gold in my own name

Research has shown that wealthy individuals keep around 10% of their wealth in precious metals as a diversifier and insurance against crisis events. Read more…

Private (Family) Trust

Today, price is not the key aspect to consider when purchasing gold, as first and foremost gold investments are made to act as your insurance against financial uncertainties and currency debasement.
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Personal Retirement Plan

Adjusting for real price inflation, there is a strong case for the continued appreciation of the gold price (and other precious metals) in terms of US dollars, Euros and most of the other major world currencies. Read more…

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