Risk Is Now Reaching Dangerous Levels

Risk Is Now Reaching Dangerous Levels
by Egon von Greyerz


In my KWN interview on 31 January 2016 I stressed how the global domino’s are starting to fall with desperate governments applying the few tools they have left to avoid a total collapse.

Japan has desperately tried to save their bankrupt economy with over 20 years of zero interest rate and money printing. Now they have also resorted to negative interest rates like 13 other nations.

The US has three massive credit problems looming with student, car and energy loans likely to soon lead to another subprime crisis.

And the major problems in the debt laden, energy producing emerging markets like Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Venezuela, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia and many more.

For some time I have said that there are a number of problems worldwide that could be the catalyst for the next financial crisis. The next crisis will be many times greater than the 2007-9 one. And this time governments have no ammunition left to save the world economy.

Wealth preservation is now more critical than ever.

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