At Matterhorn, we are committed to provide best-in-class physical precious metals services.

This includes securing the best products and pricing as well as minimising intermediation risk through our unique service approach. Toward that end, we purchase and sell LBMA-certified precious metals directly from/to major Swiss refiners, like Argor-Heraeus and MKS PAMP, thus guaranteeing the chain of integrity of our clients’ assets.

Further, we offer storage services outside the banking system in the world’s most secure vaults and in the safest jurisdictions. All our clients’ physical precious metals are fully insured and held directly in the name of the client. Clients have 100% full control over their gold and silver and direct access to the private vaults, thus alleviating counterparty risks. We cannot access the holdings without the client’s explicit authorisation and clients’ assets do not appear on our company’s or vault’s balance sheet at any time. When buying or transferring-in gold and silver, all clients will receive a storage certificate (warehouse receipt) issued by independent Swiss storage companies. All the most important information like weight, fineness, serial numbers, name of refinery are specified in the document.

Matterhorn can also assist you with professional transportation services and secure shipping of your gold and silver bars and coins. We organise secure transportation on a daily basis for clients with existing gold and silver holdings from banks, safe deposit boxes or other vaults to the private vaults that we use. Our global network includes the world’s largest and most reputable secure logistics companies. All precious metals transported are fully insured from door to door.

For full details of our services please visit the following sections or contact us anytime to speak to one of our partners.

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