The process for buying gold and silver through Matterhorn Asset Management is straight-forward, but there are certain preliminary formalities which need to be completed.  MAM’s service involves the following priorities and advantages:

  • Storage in the most secure private gold vault in the world.
  • Buying and selling only LBMA-certified Swiss gold and silver bars
  • Guaranteed chain of integrity by trading directly with Swiss refiners
  • Buying and selling in CHF, USD, EUR, GBP, CAD or AUD
  • Insured transportation from the refinery to the vault and vice-versa
  • Silver can be purchased VAT free if stored in our bonded facility


1. When clients want to buy gold in Switzerland, the process begins by contacting MAM through this link so that we can answer any and all questions they have regarding precious metal ownership and wealth preservation; thereafter, we advise and assist them through each step of our client onboarding process. When the client onboarding is completed and the account has been approved, clients will receive an official account opening confirmation specifying their account details.

2. Thereafter, clients will discuss their precious metals investment directly with our Trading Desk and commence transfer of the investment funds. Alternatively, for those clients who seek to transfer their own precious metal holdings to one of our high-security vaults, we will assist them in securely transporting their existing assets.

3. As soon as the investment funds arrive, our Trading Desk will immediately execute the requested precious metals purchase. Within two to three working days, the precious metal bars will be transferred from the Swiss refinery to the chosen vault.

4. Once the assets are received by the vault, a detailed Certificate of Ownership (Warehouse Receipt) in which the weight, quantity, purity, serial number, and name of the refinery are specified. Further, for gold bars and coins, clients will receive the seal number of the box in which their specific assets are being held.

Clients also have access to our secure client platform in which they can see all transaction notes, invoices and periodic valuations as well as enjoy access to secure communication with MAM’s team.

When you buy gold in Switzerland from MAM, you can buy gold directly from Swiss refineries.
MAM trades directly with refineries, so you can buy swiss gold with confidence.


1. As MAM does not have Power of Attorney (PoA) rights or authority over the client’s precious metal holdings, a release instruction to the vault from the client is required to initiate any sale. The release instruction can be filled-in and signed digitally on the secure Client Portal. As soon as the release instruction has been submitted through the secure portal, the release instruction is immediately forwarded to the vault for review and approval.

2. If the Trading Desk has not spoken by phone with the client in advance of the sale, for security purposes, we would thus phone the client ourselves to confirm the sale of precious metals. Once the vault has confirmed the sale request and has accepted the release instruction, MAM is able to sell the precious metals. As soon as we have a verbal confirmation from the client and the release instruction, the Trading Desk will immediately sell the position.

3. Once the trade/sale is executed, a Brief Trade Confirmation is sent through the Client Portal and the transaction documents will be made available shortly thereafter.

4. After the trade, the precious metals will be securely transported from the vault to the refinery. As soon as the assets have been checked by the refinery, the payment will be released to the client.

From the time of sale, the funds will be deposited within the client’s bank account in two to three business days.


  • There is no VAT payable when you buy gold in switzerland.
  • There is no VAT payable on physical silver as long as it is stored in our bonded storage facility at the Zurich airport. If the client wishes to transfer his bonded silver bars to a European country, the VAT is payable at the VAT rate of that country.
  • Swiss residents pay Swiss VAT on the service fees.