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Matterhorn Asset Management / GoldSwitzerland is the only company in the world offering vaulting in four locations with total control for the investor. Matterhorn’s unique programme gives investors direct access and control of allocated and segregated precious metals with two vaults in Switzerland (Zurich and the Swiss Alps), one in Singapore and one in Hong Kong.

Prior to setting up its Precious Metals Investment Programme in 2002, Matterhorn undertook thorough research on the best alternatives for storing precious metals.

Critical criteria:

  • Vault to be located in a politically safe and economically sound country
  • Vault storage outside the banking system
  • Vault storage away from any type of direct government control
  • Vault storage with the highest security and in a most secure location
  • Direct control and access to the metals for the investor

Diversification of risk

To diversify precious metals by geographic location is a matter of risk analysis and personal choice. This is why MAM offers four different locations each one with its unique characteristics. What all four locations have in common is that they meet our principal criteria for wealth preservation and safety.
Already back in 2002 we recommended investors to preserve their wealth by holding up to 50% of their financial assets in physical gold stored in private vaults outside the banking system.

Minimum investment

The total minimum investment in gold we accept is approximately 200 ounces. The minimum per vault is 100 ounces of gold. In Switzerland clients can also buy and store silver.


Private storage in Switzerland

Switzerland is a stable and independent country and the oldest proper democracy in the world. The country has a long tradition of saving in gold and an excellent infrastructure. There are four major Swiss gold refiners that produce 60-70% of the world’s gold bars in the world.

In Switzerland we offer two locations: The highly secure private Zurich location offers investors easier access when visiting. The mountain location is currently operational for Sovereign wealth funds, Central banks, Investment funds and ultra high net worth individuals with a minimum investment value of about $8M.
Both vault locations are impossible to access without special permission and only after full compliance. The security aspects surrounding the chosen facilities meet with the latest very high insurance standards. The mountain facility, which has additional very special features like protection from nuclear attack, earthquakes or a gas attack.

Our customers are offered a personalised service. The vaults can be visited, normally during business hours, for a personal inspection, or for an audit of the precious metals or other holdings.

Private storage in Singapore

Singapore is now one of the worlds foremost hubs and a major financial centre. This former British colony has developed into a model for free enterprise with a minimum of government regulation and interference. Traditionally, the Singapore dollar is pegged to the US Dollar. The storage location in Singapore is brand new and served with the latest security technology, offering an easy solution for partial diversification of precious metals storage to this region.

Private storage in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is the major hub for precious metals transport to mainland China. The facilities in Hong Kong are similar to those in Singapore and again will appeal to investors from that region as well as to international investors seeking further diversification.

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