1332 - Expansion to 8 independent Cantons

1500 - End of last war and now neutral soil for 500 years

Switzerland is visibly a very safe country with a strong currency and a high standard of living. Well over 90% of Matterhorn's clientèle are tax resident outside of Switzerland. This proves the undiminished popularity and attractiveness of Switzerland for our clients and to entrust Swiss private institutions with guarding part of their wealth. This popularity in fact reaches every corner of the planet.

The big 4 Swiss refiners handle 65% of the world gold production every year. Swiss gold storage simply means a high degree of continued liquidity for both buying and selling.
Several important historic facts have led to the creation of one of the most stable and low inflation economies and countries in the world and where its citizens have had the democratic right to govern the Cantons and the Swiss Confederation to this date. As one of the first industrialised countries in Europe, Switzerland, due to its unique and secure alpine location, has become one of the major hubs in Europe and for the entire world during the past 100 years.

Swiss nationals and foreigners doing business in Switzerland still enjoy the highest level of privacy, unless charged with a criminal offense. This is unlikely to change any time soon. If anything, this definitely applies to Matterhorn's Swiss, European and Overseas clients storing valuables outside the banking system with the independent private vault operators in our Swiss network.

Since 2009, Switzerland is the most competitive country on the Global index and still widely considered as one of the safest places on earth.