The Race Out of the Door – Engdahl

“The Matterhorn Interview – July 2013: F. William Engdahl”

German investigative journalist Lars Schall met economic researcher and geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl for a special series of 3 video interviews. In Part One, “The Race Out of the Door” (19 minutes), Engdahl discussed, inter alia: the deeper causes for the financial crisis; modern banking as a giant confidence game; America’s so called “Asia Pivot” and the Trans-Pacific Partnership; the bubbles in American stock and global bond markets; and too much power in too few hands on Wall Street.

In Part Two, which we publish On July 16, “There is No Such Thing as a Free Market” (11 minutes), Engdahl shares his interesting views on the managed nature of the precious metal markets; the naked short selling in the paper gold and silver markets; the rising gold stocks in vaults in China; the declining gold stocks in Western vaults; and the long-term perspectives for both physical gold and silver.

In Part Three, to be released on July 17, “The world isn’t running out of oil; it’s running into it” (25 minutes), Engdahl, discussed with Lars Schall crucial issues with respect to the crude oil business and its geopolitical dimensions. Inter alia, they discuss: the importance of oil for the whole social life; the beginning of the petrodollar; the research of Russian scientists on the origin of oil; and the fracking hype in the United States.

“Part 1: The Race Out of the Door”

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