Matterhorn's Wealth Preservation Principles ensure unrivalled benefit and protection for investors


  • Each gold bar is directly owned by the investor
  • The investor receives a certificate of ownership with the unique serial numbers of his gold bars
  • Gold storage in specialised bullion vaults outside the banking system.
  • The investor has personal access to his gold
  • The investor can physically withdraw all or part of his gold during office hours or in an emergency
  • The investor can send a representative (e.g. accountant) to inspect the gold
  • The gold is insured by a major international insurer
  • Highly secure storage service by private Swiss, HK and Singapore independent and fully qualified vault operators
  • Having full control over your own physical assets makes our proposition unique. You will not find it anywhere else/


  • Exchange Traded Funds – A gold ETF is more of a trading tool which mirrors the price of the underlying asset. Not all Gold ETF's are fully backed by the metal
  • Futures, Unallocated Gold – A 100% derivative of the physical metal and used for speculative or short term hedging purposes
  • Bank allocated Gold – Allocated gold in a bank means that, on paper, specific bars belong to you only as long as the bank has adequate stock. You have no immediate access to your gold
  • Bank Safe Deposit Box – You are holding metals outside the Good Delivery chain which makes selling and insurance costly. In case of a longer bank holiday you will not have access
  • Storing gold at home – If sizeable this is a high risk solution and very difficult to move, insure or sell
  • Part or Mutual ownership – Owning a share in a bar does not give you full control and access in case of an emergency.

Wealth Preservation

Gold is the ultimate form of wealth preservation. Throughout history gold is the only currency that has survived in its original form. All paper money systems in history have been printed away until the money becomes worthless.

Virtually Risk Free

GoldSwitzerland has created a system which surpasses virtually any other method and offers wealth preservation at the highest level.

 Unique Safety & Service

GoldSwitzerland offers unique and ultimate safety by enabling investors to purchase and store gold & silver bars within bullion vaults in Zurich with total control over and personal access to their precious metals.
  • When you buy gold from GoldSwitzerland you receive the highest quality of gold (999.9 or 99.99% purity for 1 kilo and 100gr bars). 400oz bars are London Good Delivery.
  • Your gold is stored outside the banking system, outside of the Eurozone or a USDollar zone, allocated and segregated in your name.
  • One of the locations is within the compound of and underneath Zurich Airport.
  • The other specialized vault location is for UHNW individuals and sovereign wealth funds. This location is entirely self supporting for electricity, oxygen and water supply.
  • You own actual physical gold bars which are registered in your name, not an allocated fraction of a gold bar as with many other companies.
  • The gold is insured by a major international insurance company.
  • You are issued a signed Certificate of Ownership / Warehouse Receipt with the specific weights and serial numbers of your gold bars.
  • You (or a representative authorised by you) can inspect your gold, normally during office hours, by appointment. As this requires assistance from security staff a small fee will be charged by the vault for this service.
  • You can collect your gold from the vaults if you so wish.
  • In case of a disruption in the financial system, you have gold which is safely stored and which you can readily access yourself.
  • Services include 24/7 online access to encrypted account data and clients also benefit from a messaging platform to communicate securely without using email
  • Clients enjoy immediate personal service, always covered by one of the partners and our administration team

 Swiss Solidity

The big 4 Swiss refiners handle 65% of the world gold production every year. This offers our clients a higher degree of liquidity for both buying and selling precious metals. Several important historic facts have led to the creation of one of the most stable and low inflation economies and countries in the world and where its citizens have had the democratic right to govern the Cantons and the Swiss Confederation to this date. As one of the first industrialised countries in Europe, Switzerland, due to its unique and secure alpine location, has become one of the major hubs in Europe and for the entire world during the past 100 years.

Swiss nationals and foreigners doing business in Switzerland still enjoy the highest level of privacy, unless charged with a criminal offense. This is unlikely to change any time soon. If anything, this definitely applies to Matterhorn's Swiss, European and Overseas clients storing valuables outside the banking system with the independent private vault operators in our Swiss network.


The client lists of MAM/GoldSwitzerland and the vault companies are totally confidential and no one outside these entities has access to investors' details.

Neither MAM nor the vault companies are required to report investors' precious metals to any authority in any country.

Swiss Association of Asset Managers

MAM is a member of a the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM), a Self- Regulating Body (SRO) which is governed by the Anti-Money Laundering Act. The SRO of SAAM has been officially recognised since 1999. The professional standards of SAAM correspond to official requirements and are approved by FINMA (the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority).


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