Why GoldSwitzerland

A comparison

The table below shows how Matterhorn Asset Management/GoldSwitzerland compares with other examples of precious metals investment facilitators. GoldSwitzerland scores 100% on strict wealth preservation principles/services and has become the primary choice for many investors.

Wealth preservation principles and services compared:
GoldSwitzerland Bank account/vault Gold ETF Mint Partial Gold ownership
Clients have immediate and complete control over their Gold/Silver bars and coins.
Clients receive a non-transferable warehouse receipt in their name issued by the vault.
Counterparty risk eliminated
Gold/Silver stored outside the banking system
Offers option to Trade and Store without any USA links or subsidiaries
Allocated & Segregated Gold/Silver bars in your name with your unique serial numbers
Inspect your physical Gold anytime at the vault
Immediately collect your personal Gold/Silver
Storage without initial purchase is possible
Lowest cost entry-exit
Swiss regulated group
GoldSwitzerland offers:

Unique Safety

GoldSwitzerland offers unique safety by enabling investors to purchase and store gold/silver bars in private non-bank bullion vaults in Zurich with personal access to their precious metals. Read more…

Swiss Solidity

solidityMatterhorn Asset Management and its gold division GoldSwitzerland are part of the biggest independent asset management group in Switzerland, the Aquila Group. Read more…

Wealth Preservation

There are many ways to invest in gold but most of them don’t fulfil our strict criteria of gold ownership based on the most stringent wealth preservation principles. Read more…

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