Why GoldSwitzerland

Wealth preservation principles and services compared:
GoldSwitzerland Bank account/vault Gold ETF Mint Partial Gold ownership
Clients have immediate and complete control over their Gold/Silver bars and coins.
Clients receive a non-transferable warehouse receipt in their name issued by the vault.
Counterparty risk eliminated
Gold/Silver stored outside the banking system
Offers option to Trade and Store without any USA links or subsidiaries
Allocated & Segregated Gold/Silver bars in your name with your unique serial numbers
Inspect your physical Gold anytime at the vault
Immediately collect your personal Gold/Silver
Storage without initial purchase is possible
Lowest cost entry-exit
Swiss regulated group
Matterhorn Asset Management AG, Zurich
Tel: +41 44 213 62 45 - Fax: +41 43 456 97 11

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