Risk-Management Origins

MAM was founded by Egon von Greyerz in the 1990s as a private investment company. Egon had always held a deep respect for analysing and managing risk in both his corporate operations and personal investment activities.

By the end of the 90s, Egon determined that global risk was growing increasingly apparent as debts and derivative levels rapidly rose. He had already been interested in physical gold as the ultimate protection-asset against accelerating risks in the financial system.

In the early 2000s, MAM set up a system for buying and storing gold, choosing the highest quality refinery and vaulting partners for acquiring and storing the same.

From Personal Conviction to Global Enterprise

The system was initially set up for Egon’s own family funds and those of a few key investors and business partners. At that point, there was no intention to open the initiative to outside investors.

In early 2002, Egon made major investments into physical gold when the price was $300 per ounce.

Due to the growing demand from other investors around the world, MAM became a Swiss regulated company in 2005. Since then, MAM has grown from a private risk management operation for personal funds into a global enterprise.

MAM now serves sophisticated clients in over 75 countries in their wealth protection through the acquisition and storage of physical precious metals.

Guiding Principles

Shared Convictions, Shared Principles

Although proud of our credentials and global market experience, our team at MAM share a common vision of prioritising wealth preservation through precious metals.

In addition, our executives share a belief in the guiding principles of modesty, straight-talk, high-conviction and a genuine interest in both protecting and honouring the personal and financial trust granted to us by our clients.

Candour and Values

We know that wealth preservation is not just about currencies and metals, but family ideals, goals and the protection of wealth that has been carefully earned and nurtured for years, and often, generations.

Our objective has never been to dazzle, scare or impress, but to candidly share what we have learned and deduced after decades of combined experience in the global markets.

Thus, we treat each investor with the same degree of honesty, clarity and transparent counsel that we would expect for ourselves and our own families.

A Needed Service in Times of Increased Uncertainty

Versed in every aspect of portfolio management, macro-economics and risk assets, we built MAM not as a “niche” opportunity, but as the result of a passionate commitment to share our carefully-evolved skills and convictions.

We see our unique service as a necessary and timely solution to the wide range of risks facing the global markets, currencies and economies—and hence our clients’ wealth preservation.

In short: We created and built MAM for the simple reason that we believe in its service to others.

  • Client assets held at MAM represent the culmination and protection of years of wealth creation, and we cannot ignore the immense trust our clients have placed in selecting us to guide them in acquiring, protecting and securing that wealth.
  • Our aim is to honour client trust with absolute clarity and transparency, confirming not only our conviction in precious metals as a timeless asset class in everything we advise, author and transact, but our equal conviction that our clients deserve our complete dedication in the unique service we provide.
  • Our deep concerns regarding the current and future conditions of the global economy and markets are not a marketing tool or bias toward bearish forecasting. Instead, our views and service stem from years of careful and blunt analysis of objective market risk.
  • Such risk is far too often ignored or downplayed by conventional wealth advisory services and sell-side optimism. The extraordinary hubris as well as experimental desperation of global central banks “accommodating” a debt bubble via the creation of more debt has both a mathematical as well as historically-confirmed culmination, one for which the vast majority of uninformed investors are simply unprepared.
  • We see no reason to over-complicate what are otherwise simple, elegant and obvious solutions to portfolio and currency risk. Our principals are fluent in credit and equity market vernacular, but understand that the most effective strategies are often simple in historical design, structure and satisfaction. And when it comes to complex market, banking, currency and historical risk, silver and gold are no exception to such simplicity as a timeless asset and risk manager.
  • We are participants, not just advisors in the service and counsel we offer. MAM was founded to protect the family wealth of its founder and business partners, and our interests, as well as assets, are entirely aligned with those of the clients we serve.