Matterhorn-Goldswitzerland is based out of Zurich for multiple reasons:

Political Stability

Switzerland boasts one of the most decentralised political structures in the world with a high degree of direct democracy and famed geopolitical neutrality. The political participation of citizens within its borders as well as a culture of cooperation and compromise creates a globally recognised reputation for stability and direct democracy.

Switzerland’s Federal Constitution is the foundation of the Swiss Confederation, marked by three levels of governmental authority: The Federal, cantonal, and local. Switzerland has 26 cantons.

Despite its historically neutral status, Switzerland is equally known for an extensive “militia” army and a strong national security policy. Adhering to its self-imposed neutrality, the country has managed to stay out of two World Wars.

Switzerland is a nation-state governed by the rule-of-law and its legal system has an exceptional track-record for enforcing property rights.
Further, the country hosts the headquarters of multiple international organisations and many treaty conferences.

Despite being at the heart of Europe, the Swiss Confederation remains outside of the European Union and its increasingly fractured economic and political tensions. This has allowed Switzerland to remain independent and less influenced by EU banking, financial and other regulations, as well as those related to taxes.

Fiscal Stability

In stark contrast to most  Western countries, Switzerland is considerably more prudent in managing its domestic finances. Unlike the vast majority of the world’s leading economies, Switzerland has achieved significant budget surpluses in the past years with financial conditions at the sovereign level that are pleasantly, and uniquely, positive. In recent years, the Confederation and the cantons were able to reduce their debt in absolute terms and not just in relation to GDP.

Monetary Stability

The Swiss franc remains a reserve currency and one of the world’s most trusted and strongest currencies due to its independent ability to either inflate or deflate in value during times of market turbulence outside of the EU or other central-bank-supported markets/economies around the world.

Switzerland remains one of the largest official gold holders in the world, with the Swiss National Bank currently holding 1,040 tons of the precious metal, one of the largest gold reserves on a per capita basis.

Global Precious Metals Hub

Switzerland is the world’s largest physical precious metals trading and refining hub. Gold represents 29% of its exports, confirming that gold is a strategic and highly protected industry in Switzerland.

Four of the world’s seven premier gold refineries are located in Switzerland and 70% of the world’s gold bars are produced here each year. This is of strategic significance in the event of a larger political or financial crisis.

As the world’s “gold hub,” Switzerland offers superior liquidity, thus giving it an additional and distinct advantage over other jurisdictions.

MAM is a Swiss company, under Swiss ownership, based within Switzerland and offering Swiss storage facilities. Our 100% Swiss status provides our clients with unique advantages.

We have been active in this market for over 20 years and consequently maintain not only a profound knowledge of gold ownership in this superior location, but have also built and maintained an exceptional professional and service network.

Furthermore, many non-Swiss service providers offer gold storage in Switzerland yet are subject to the laws of their own jurisdictions. MAM and its clients avoid such risks and exposure.

Optimal Storage Locations

In terms of optimal jurisdictions for precious metals storage, Switzerland represents an obvious jurisdiction choice. For more detail on MAM’s industry-leading storage facilities, please click HERE.