Our Driving Focus: Wealth Preservation

Matterhorn-GoldSwitzerland is the world’s leading precious metals advisory and vaulting service for a simple reason: Our comprehensive, A-to-Z service not only covers every aspect of the acquisition to storage process, but does so with a core focus on wealth preservation.

We offer vastly superior wealth preservation advisory expertise alongside our precious metal sourcing, trading, security, transportation and insurance capabilities.

Smooth Acquisition Process

Acquisition of precious metals at MAM is extremely client-friendly, and executed through our own trading desk. We are a Swiss enterprise with direct access to refineries located here in Switzerland, where 70% of the world’s highest quality gold bars are produced.

MAM investors thus immediately benefit from competitive, wholesale Interbank-buying pricing for physical gold.

Superior Vaulting Options

Once acquired, clients can choose between three fully insured and carefully selected storage vaulting facilities, two of which are Swiss-based, with the third vault option located in Singapore.

Switzerland and Singapore are the two safest national jurisdictions for precious metal storage in the world. Each facility is open to clients for personal visitation or audit during normal business hours. (Only the Zurich location is available to also store Silver, Platinum and Palladium VAT-free.)

The facilities themselves boast the highest possible security provisions, from biometric scans to our military high-security grade (nuclear bomb, earthquake and gas-attack-proof) Swiss Alps location.

Our vault in the Swiss Alps is the safest and largest private storage facility in the world as well as the top choice for the most sophisticated investors, including certain private banks.

Direct Ownership, No Counter-Party Risk, Complete Confidentiality

In addition to unparalleled security, we offer direct client gold ownership free of any counter-party risk.

Client assets, which begin at a minimum investment amount of $400,000 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies), are held outside of a fractured and client-conflicted banking system. MAM also provides complete client confidentiality, open access to auditing of assets, the highest grade encryption protection of client data, and unsurpassed privacy guarantees.

Fully-Insured Asset Transportation

The transportation of all precious metals, whether from our unique refinery network or otherwise held by the clients themselves, is fully insured door-to-door.