Rising Global Risk

Informed investors are acutely aware of the increasing economic headwinds impacting the preservation of their acquired wealth. Undeniable as well as unprecedented macro risks are now before us.

Greater than $260 trillion in global debt is artificially serviced by over $28 trillion in fiat currencies created by global central banks in the last two decades. Such debt levels and currency “solutions” are both alarming and clear.

Rising Market Volatility and Banking Risk

Equally clear is the ever-increasing market volatility which follows such extreme debt policies. These concerns, coupled with the operational risks facing a global banking sector exposed to a perilously overvalued derivatives market, are on the forefront of our thinking.

Historical Warning Signs

Our principals, like the sophisticated investors they serve, respect economic history and the lessons learned from centuries of policy makers attempting to solve one debt crisis after the next with more debt, all paid for via currency devaluation.

This is a fatal pattern whose core antidote has always been the prudent ownership of physical gold and silver. For more on these critical themes and the reasons for precious metal ownership, we invite you to click below.

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